Of all the photographers in all the towns in all the world, you found me.

If you are looking for someone to take photos of your biggest moments so you can relive them over and over, then I'm the girl for you. Getting married? I'll hold the bouquet, help you bustle your dress and fix your veil. Get all those tiny moments that you didn't even know you wanted. I can hold your glass of champagne in one hand and take a photo with the other - yes I know, I'm just overflowing with TALENT. Your wedding day is just that, it is YOURS. I'm just an honorary guest that is there to capture you looking your best, crying happy tears and drunk dancing with your family. Of course I'll give you a little direction here and there, round up stray family members for group photos and remove all hair ties from the dainty wrists of your bridesmaids (and never ever return them). I want your photos to look as good as you feel, to show how happy you are and to make a moment that is otherwise gone in the wind, tangible. Like a Jon Bon Jovi song, I'll be there for you. Now, let's do this thing.

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