Investment & Pricing

"Investment" can be an intimidating word but that is exactly what you are doing! You are investing in your memories, making sure a fleeting moment lasts a lifetime. I still look at my Gram's wedding album and swoon. My goal is to create lasting memories for you to cherish and pass down!

Pricing & Packages

Couples & Engagements

Prices begin at $375



Do you travel for shoots?

Absolutely! I am based in Central New York but am happy to travel to wherever!

When can i expect to receive my photos?

This depends on the type of session, typically regular sessions take about 2 weeks and weddings I can get done in about 4 weeks. I don't want you to wait for your photos just as much as YOU don't want to wait for your photos! This is something I pride myself on in my business because who wants to wait for months for their photos?!

How many photos will i receive?

I like to say about 45 hand edited images per hour. I am the sole editor of your photos - I don't send them out to get edited! I try to make sure I pick the best of the best and deliver those beautiful photos to you!

Do you shoot Elopements?

Yes I do! I typically create a custom package for each elopement because each one is so different than the next but YES, big or small wedding let's get you married!

Can I get a second shooter?

Of course, this is something we will discuss. I shoot almost all of my weddings by myself and have no problem doing so but if you want one then we'll get you one!

How long have you been doing photography?

Let me age myself here: about 8 years!
Let me clarify, I wouldn't say I was "good" that many years ago but I have been shooting weddings for a solid 5 years now. I don't overload myself on weddings each year. I like to keep my weddings to one a week so I have time to be there for my couples leading up to their big day!